Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Example of B2B Viral Campaign

Getting unknown leads to forward your marketing message to other unknown leads is no easy task, but viral marketing, when done right can generate significant spikes in overall interest in your products/services, often at far less cost than tryng to build the interest yourself.

In a recent post I outlined several key criteria that make up a winning viral campaign. In general, successful viral campaigns (success being measured as how many times a video was viewed, along with sourced visits to your website and ultimately conversions via form submits or contact) contain the following criteria:

Successful viral campaigns are:
  • Very funny and/or
  • Very entertaining and/or
  • Very irreverent and
  • Never contain a sales pitch

There are plenty of B2C viral campaigns on YouTube that meet this criteria, but how about B2B? There are far fewer examples.

Let's take data storage solutions for example. There's not much that's funny about that. But one company has created something that is very funny and offers an excellent example of how to generate B2B web traffic without a sales pitch, using viral marketing.

Watch it here:

Updated 5-8-12
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