Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 Marketing Automation New Year's Resolutions - #4

Marketing Automation New Year's Resolution #4:

There are 4 parts to this:

Step 1:
The first step is to inventory all your existing marketing assets. Make a complete list of everything you've got. Videos, White Papers, Recorded Webinars, Product Brochures, even content-rich web pages.  If you have different Geos or marketing groups, make sure they all contribute to the list. You might discover assets you didn't even know you had.

Step 2:
Identify which stage of the buying cycle each asset belong in - Early Mile, Middle Mile or Last Mile. Each stage requires a different conversation, along with a different set of assets.

For example, when a lead first enters your universe they may be just kicking the tires, wanting to learn more about your capabilities. This is typically the Early Mile, so the content they receive should focus on things like Thought Leadership. Start the conversation by establishing your company's credibility as a viable solution provider. It should answer the question, "Why Buy?"

The Middle Mile focuses on "Why Buy from Me". So assets that differentiate your company's services/products is best. Prospects may not be ready to review specific product specs just yet, but they usually want to know the specific benefits of your company.

The Last Mile is the final evaluation period. Spec sheets, pricing promos, etc. It's finally all about you. Focus on answering the question, "Why Buy from Me Now."

Step 3:
Once you've done a complete Asset Inventory and mapped out which buying stage each asset belongs in, it will be very clear where you are asset rich and where you are asset poor. You may have plenty of assets in the Early Mile and Last Mile, but not much in the Middle Mile area. Wherever your gaps are, the next step is to fill those gaps ASAP.

Step 4:
Once you start delivering these assets you can determine which ones are contributing the most to revenue. There are usually a few solid winners and some solid losers as well. Map out the most effective at contributing to revenue and create more just like them. This keeps the focus on New Year's Resolution #1, Align with the Goal of the CEO.

Updated 5-8-12
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