Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting Your Email Through the Clutter

The Good News: Email Marketing continues to evolve and thrive

The Bad News: We’re all getting bombarded with emails

Imagine the number of emails that will flow once everyone is doing marketing automation. You think you get tons of email now? Just wait! The messages will be more relevant, but the volume will go even higher.

So how do we get our emails through the landslide of clutter that bombards us every day? By understanding the litmus test your customers use to evaluate the worthiness of each email they get.

The 3-Second Relevance Test:

Here is the 3-second thought process most of us use to evaluate any email:

Step 1: Who is it from? If I don’t recognize the person or company - DELETE

Step 2: Is the Subject Line Relevant? If it doesn’t pertain to me - DELETE

Step 3: Review the Call to Action – “What’s in it for me?” Is it easy to take that action?” If not - DELETE

Step 4: Is it Urgent? If yes, then take action (assuming all other above criteria are met). If it is not urgent, keep the email (but then forget about it).

Isn’t this the process you use to evaluate the emails you get?

So what are the takeaways from this?

If you want to make sure your email gets through the clutter, just make sure that you fully address each of the steps above. Use it as a final checklist before you send any email.

aWill they recognize who it’s from?

aIs the Subject Line Relevant?

a Is the CTA (call to action) obvious and easy?

a Is it urgent?

If the answer is NO to any one of these, go back and do what it takes to make it a YES. If you do, you might find more of your customers saying YES to your emails.

Steve Kellogg
aDemand Generation/Marketing Automation Consultant, Astadia
aEloqua Certified Marketing Best Practices Consultant

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